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The term Xeriscape was first coined by Denver Water in 1981. Xeriscape Landscaping or Xeriscaping is the landscaping process that reduces or eliminates the need for additional water from irrigation. The practice first began appearing in the early 1980s around Denver after the area experienced severe drought conditions and water rationing. 

The idea revolved around using as little water as possible while still maintaining attractive landscaping. The term comes from combining “landscape” with the Greek prefix “”xeros”, meaning “dry”. 

There is a misconception that the meaning of the word Xeriscape means no water, and thus utilizing rocks and cacti as the sole elements in landscaping. This is far from the truth. The concept of Xeriscaping is to use plants that utilize the available water in the area without needing additional water from other sources.

Denver receives an average of 14.5 inches of moisture each year. While this is not enough to support Kentucky Bluegrass, which on average needs up to two inches of water a week, it is enough to support native green plants and grasses without additional moisture.

Aurora, Colorado, has become one of the leaders in water conservation and xeriscaping with their
Water-Wise program. Aurora residents are eligible for financial incentives including rebates for Water-Wise xeriscaping, free xeriscape landscape designs and xeriscaping classes. The City maintains a 6-acre garden with a variety of plants and landscape ideas. The public is welcome to visit the garden located at Aurora’s City Center at Alameda and Chambers Road.

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